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Looking to move these.
Either sale or trade in the next day or 2. After that it may be bay time.
Looking for packers, felix hernandez, ultimate hobby boxes unopened.
Michael jordan RC
(or other hobby boxes are poss.)
pm me or post here.

Ravens 1/1
TV $150
SV $100
[Image: ravens1of1_zps18d8be55.jpg]

[Image: baseballhof_zps3540ec5b.jpg]
Sweet card, I wish I had something for you....Sad.
love the HOF book. feel free to check me. thanks
.......wait I have a bunch of braun, if you like?
I will take a shot at it
Check me for the book, though I doubt I have enough of what you're mainly after for it.
Offer sent the other day, but like my last two offers I sent you its just sitting there with no response. ?????
I have a couple Felix autos I'd gladly give you for the book.
Give me a look for either
pm sents
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