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Full Version: Yordano Ventura
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Hey folks, sorry new here. Hopefully not breaking any rules here by posting so quicky....eeehh...go figure.

Anyhow trying to find pricing on a card I just pulled. Actually pulled a lot but this one i'm curious about.

its a Bowman chrome Purple refactor 03/10. Acquaintance of mine owns a sports card shop and told me to get it graded due to condition of it.

Figured I would ask here about pricing. I'm an MMA collector not baseball hence my post.

Again sorry if I broke any rules by this posting without an introduction.


posting picture of front of card
Are you asking for the book value? A card #'d to only 10 won't have one listed due to scarcity. And if a card did have a listed BV, we are not allowed to post the pricing on the boards (gotta pay for it).

All that being said, I would use ebay completed sales to get a sense of what it's selling for. It looks like there were a couple of sales around $215-$220.
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