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I've got plenty of Inception autos for trade - I'm looking to exchange for cubs and royals autos.

I'm also collecting a crap ton of 2013 bowman so if you need to unload some of those we can work that in, as well.
Which Royals you prefer? I have some and I'd like the card still.
open offer sent
offer sent
(07-30-2013 12:08 PM)rob024420 Wrote: [ -> ]offer sent

Sure, now your online Rob. I sent an offer last week cause I needed a set filler and finally cancelled and bought it. Just my luck!
open offer sent!!
I also sent you an open offer...for a lot lol
open offer sent. have some royals autos. thanks
have responded to all thus far - keep 'em comin'!
Open offer sent.
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