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Full Version: looking for sparkles
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I am looking for 2011 topps diamond sparkle cards, not the ones that sparkle all over just the one spot, if you have one and will trade it i will trade in your favor. Thanks
Have the following: 2011 Topps Sparkle #586 Carlos Lee
ok i dont have much in the way of basketball but i have football and baseball i will trade for it.
Man the title sounds so alternative lifestyle I had to laugh.
it really grabs your attention though hah
I have the Wandy Rodriguez #241. I'll have to add it to my Org. if interested.
man i wish u made this forum like 2-3 montths ago. i had the entire set of sparkles
are you serious? man did you sell it or something?
(07-31-2013 11:42 AM)kbfullerr Wrote: [ -> ]are you serious? man did you sell it or something?
ya i sold them all for $200. i wish i still had them
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