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Hey all, just wondering if there is any interest for these. Mostly looking for hall of famer and true rc autos from all sports. Some parallels of true rcs as well. Post here or send me an offer if interested. I also have some NFL star rc autos and legend autos for trade as well as some hockey star/legend autos. Thanks!

A few players I need rc autos of are:
Joe Mauer
Clayton Kershaw
Starlin Castro
Manny Machado
Troy Tulowitzki
Carlos Gonzalez
Prince Fielder
Justin Verlander
Yadier Molina
David Wright

Drew Brees
Joe Flacco
Matt Ryan
Ray Rice
Chris Johnson
Calvin Johnson
Roddy White
Steven Jackson
Ben Roethlisberger
Eli Manning
Ladainian Tomlinson
Ed Reed
Terrell Suggs
Jason Witten
Dwight Freeney
Aldon Smith
Patrick Willis
99 SPx Champ Bailey
00 Contenders Brian Urlacher
Trent Richardson
Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck
Doug Martin
Arian Foster
Kurt Warner
Donovan McNabb
Andre Johnson
Tony Romo
Wes Welker
Demarcus Ware
Brandon Marshall
Marshawn Lynch
Demaryius Thomas

Carmelo Anthony
Dwyane Wade
Dwight Howard
Stephen Curry
Russell Westbrook
Chris Paul
Chris Bosh
Monta Ellis
Blake Griffin
James Harden

Steve Stamkos
Henrik Lundqvist
Shea Weber
Kris Letang
Jonathan Toews
Patrick Kane
Duncan Keith
Erik Karlsson
John Tavares

2007 Exquisite Justin Upton RC
[Image: uptonfront_zpsca06ca32.jpg]
2007 Elite Extra Chris Davis
[Image: carltondavis-1.jpg]
2004 Elite Hunter Pence RC
[Image: scan0007.jpg]
2008 SPx Alexei Ramirez EXCH RC
[Image: trade2.jpg]
Kind of random, but these guys only have 1 true RC each and they've all had pretty decent careers.
2002 Elite Alex Rios RC, Adam LaRoche RC, 2001 Donruss Class of '01 Victor Martinez RC
[Image: scan0008.jpg]
2003 Bowman's Best Kevin Youkilis RC, 2004 Bowman SOG Markakis
[Image: scan0010-2.jpg]
2001 Fleer Platinum Albert Pujols, Pujols TL, 2001 Topps Traded Ichiro/Pujols
[Image: scan0004.jpg]
2011 Topps Traded Hope Diamond #d to 60 Jeter, Jon Jay
[Image: 2011topps1.jpg]
2004 Hot Prospects Hunter Pence RC Auto, 2004 Elite Mark Trumbo Aspirations #d to 50
[Image: scan0010_zps0e6067fc.jpg]
check me for the Davis please
Whoa, Frank Thomas in a Royals cap? Strangely looks fitting, maybe in a Bo Jackson kind of way I guess. Will do.
Well I like the Griffey Jr auto and Tim Hardaway auto but that wouldn't be enough for the Davis. Feel free to check me for those if you care to look for something else.
All cards still available, I would possibly trade down for the right cards.
check me for the davis
offer sent on the Pence
(07-30-2013 05:04 PM)rad_1205 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the davis

What $$ are you looking for in trade for the Machado USA auto?
Accepted and I'll send scans shortly.
Still entertaining offers...
still intersted in the Davis
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