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Got snookered in by the LCS owner to pop a couple of boxes of Trilogy, and he gave me the last mini-box from a main box for better than half off, so why not, eh?

No scanner from Randi yet, but things are looking up- he mentioned a polaroid or something last time we swapped cards.

The decent hits:

Gretzky Crystal Greats
Kessel Crystal
Ice Scripts Max Talbot, Claude Giroux, Erik Karlsson
Ovie / Malkin / Pavel Bure National Trios 3x Jsy (Russia)
Huberdeau RC Auto (Level 1)
Conacher RC Auto (Level 2)
Sig. Pucks Grant Fuhr
Sig. Pucks Justin Schultz
Huberdeau / Laughton / Conacher National Trios 3x Jsy

Most everything I broke will be in the organizer as son as its working well and I get to it.

And just for good measure I got about about 8 more RC's of people I never knew existed until today.

Have a bunch of spare base cards- if interested, pop me an offer for what you need and what you want in exchange, and I'll get them into the organizer as I can or as the system lets me.

Pretty decent hits on the pucks, but the rest is kinda blah. The Gretzky is a top not Crystal, so you might be able to expect a nice BV for that one. If Huberdeau wasn't on the Panthers... Hehe! Congrats, Eddie. I will be posting my most recent breaks in the near future.

Not bad
are the Ice Scripts Max Talbot, Claude Giroux, Erik Karlsson

for trade? Smile
nice hits by the way.
you got 3 of the 15 cards i really wanted from this set! The Schultz, Gretz, and ovie/bure/malkin
and a sweet fuhr too!
Very nice hits

Crystal Greats Gretzky: tier 3: odds 1: 145 packs
Giroux Ice scripts: group C: odds 1: 56 packs
Grant Fuhr Puck: group B: odds 1:92 packs


Great cards. I'd love to get a chance at the kessel and Gretzky.
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