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Despite a lot of mixed reviews on this product so far, I decided to crack a box anyways. 4 Rookie Premieres, all level 2 of 399 - Nathan Beaulieu, Beau Bennett, Justin Schultz and Jack Campbell. Crystal - Larry Robinson. 3 Star Spotlights - Robinson, Markov, Subban & Russian goalies.

Signature Puck Lindback/13
[Image: TrilogyLindback.jpg]

and saving the best for last - Clearcut Combo - Lemieux & Jagr
[Image: TrilogyLemieuxJagr.jpg]

Finally , I have a Jagr auto for the PC.
Yeah... I would say that you have hit the best box I have seen yet!!! Huge congrats!

Is that Lemieux/Jagr on card? Doesn't look like a sticker from the scan.
Awesome dual. PLMK if change your mind and want to trade it. Wink
nice linback!!!!
any ice scripts? Smile
let me know if i have anything you like for the Shultz! amazing hit on the dual auto BTW. that card alone beats my box i think
Very nice.

Wow clear cut is awesome. I have never pulled something like that. Lucky
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