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Here we go...
[Image: amon_zpsa1b26860.jpg]
[Image: amon1_zps801b8d2e.jpg]
[Image: pm22_zps1bf8d098.jpg]
[Image: pm23_zps1c2db4b9.jpg]
[Image: pm4_zpsde7ab63f.jpg]
and this sweet card.....9/15
[Image: pm5_zps7f3ac58c.jpg]
Thoughts and comments always welcomed....
Very nice.
I just realized that the Hull has his jersey number!!!
That Hull is really nice, well done.
Ncie #"d 15
That chiro is a great looking card. Congrats
Some very nice hits there! If that Staal is up for grabs I would love a shot at it. Congrats!

Looking to see how those two prospects do I know Monahan is very mature and should do well in Calgary,Detroit has pretty much done well with their prospects so Mantha whom I think they will take their time with should do okay he knows how to put the puck in with a much improved 50 goals last season he also excels in the playoffs under pressure........he is also from where I live.....right now I am holding onto the Staal because it is my only auto of his I have but if I happen to pull another I will give you a shout...
Thanks for the comments they are always welcomed....
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