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Hey Everyone! I am looking forward to do some trading! Scans upon request!

Here is what I collect:
Minnesota Twins,Vikings,Wild, JD DREW,Griffey,Dimaggio,Buxton,Sano Jeter, Superstar RCs, HOF autos or anything that catches my eye!

The stuff in Bold will be a little harder to get unless you have something that I listed above! If something is not in my organizer let me know and I will add it!


1998 Pacific Omega Face to Face Molitor/Ripken RARE!
1999 Pacific Private Stock Mike Piazza Printing Plate! 1 of 1
2008 SP Legendary Cuts Memorable moments Joe Mauer True 1 of 1! Twins
2009 UD Starquest Emerald super rare bj upton (rays)
2009 Topps Walmart cereal Roy Campenella gold refractor
2010 Topps Chome Tim Linecum X-Factor #27 (Giants)
2010 Topps Update Johnny Bench SP (reds)
2010 Topps Update Walter Johnson SP (Senators)
2011 Topps Heritage Black Joe Mauer #C74 (twins)
2012 Topps Heritage Carlos Zambrano SP
2013 Topps Museum canvas Derek Jeter (Yankees)
2013 Topps Heritage 1964 Buybacks Amado Samuel (Mets)
2013 Topps Heritage Starlin Castro chrome refactor /999 (cubs)


1995 Classic PC Cal Ripken Jr. On card auto Orioles
1998 Donruss Signature Derek Lee auto (marlins)
1999 UD Ionix Pat Burrell auto ON CARD (Phillies)
1999 Stadium Club Co Signers Alex Rodriguez/Scott Rolen Dual Auto
2000 Fleer GOTG Herb Score (Indians) ON CARD
2000 UD Pros & prospects Mo Vaughn auto jersey
2002 UD Future Gems Joe Saunders (Angels)
2002 Bowman Francisco Lirano Auto RC Buyback /63! HOT!
2003 Sweet Spot Hank Blalock Bat Barrel auto /420 (Rangers)
2004 Leaf Limited Monkiers Mark Mulder auto jersey /100 (Athletics)
2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Luis Gonzalez /150 (Rockies)
2004 Fleer Authentix All Star vernon Wells auto /75 (Blue Jays)
2004 Leaf Cuts Hector Giminez RC auto /499 (giants)
2004 Donruss Century Adrian Gonzalez Post Marks Gold auto /50 (Rangers)
2004 Fleer GOTG Jeff Torberg (Dodgers)
2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Mark teixeira Bat/jersey/Auto /10 (Rangers)
2005 Playoff Absolute Mark Teixeira auto jersey/glove /50 (rangers)

2006 Leaf Limited GOLD auto Josh Beckett /25 (Marlins)
2006 Sweet Spot Signatures Casey Kotchman /275 (angels)
2007 UD BLACK Morneau Jersey/Patch Quad Auto /75
2007 Sweet Spot Signatures Gold auto and stitching /99 Austin Kearns (Nationals)
2007 Topps Co-Signers JJ Hardy/Bill hall Dual auto (Brewers)
2007 Topps Finest Jose garcia auto RC (Marlins)
2008 Bowman Chrome Michael Moustakas auto RC (Royals)
2008 Sp Authentic Daric Barton auto jersey RC /799 (Athletics)
2008 Stadium Club Josh Banks auto RC (padres)
2008 Topps Triple Threads Lowell/David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez triple auto jersey /18 (red sox)
2009 Bowman Chrome Quinton Miller RC auto /500 (pirates)
2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Evrin Santana auto jersey /489 (Angels)
2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Scott Kazmir auto jersey/489 (Rays)
2009 Topps Triple Threads Brew Crew auto jersey RC /75 (brewers)
2009 Upper Deck Inkredible Michael Aubrey Auto (indians)
2009 Upper Deck Inkredible Ross Ohlendorf auto (pirates)
2009 Upper Deck Inkredible Gregorio Petit auto (athletics)
2009 Upper Deck USA Derek Dietrich Auto
2009 UD Goudey Graphs Kila Ka'aihue (royals)
2009 Topps Allen & Ginters Ervin Santana auto (Blue ink on card) (Angels)
2009 Topps 206 Pedimont Kila Ka'aihue (royals)
2009 Topps Finest Letter auto Kila Ka'aihue /170 "A" (royals)
2010 Bowman Chrome Rex Brothers Blue auto refractor /150 (Rockies)
2010 Bowman Chrome Rex Eric Hacker Blue auto refractor /250 (giants)
2010 Bowman Chrome Eric Hacker (Giants)
2010 Topps 206 American Caramel Eric Chavez (Athletics)
2010 Topps Peak Performance Ervin Santana (Angels)
2011 Topps Marquee Triple jersey patch auto Tommy Hanson /50 (Braves)
2011 Topps Marquee Drew Stubbs Monumental Markings Gold /5! RARE (reds)
2012 Topps Golden Moments Jordan Walden (Angels)
2013 Topps Tier One Brian Mccan Silver on card auto /10 (Braves)
2013 Topps Heritage Hank Funk Auto (Braves)
2013 Topps Archives Fan favorites Dave Parker (pirates)

1989 Donruss/Fleer/Upper deck Ken Griffey Jr RCs
1994 Sportsflics Alex Rodriguez RC
1994 Sp FOIL Alex Rodriguez RC
2001 Bowman Chrome Refractors Justin morneau RC
2001 Bowman GOLD Joe Mauer RC
2003 Bowman Chrome Robinson Cano RC
2010 Bowman Black Stephen Strasburg RC (1st Bowman RC)
2010 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg RC
2010 Topps Update Chrome Refractors Stanton RC
Check me for the jeter. Thanks. Also, it's not in your organize.
What's the triple look like? Lowell/Ortiz/Ramirez?
Please check me on the Piazza printing plate
(07-23-2013 12:41 PM)michaelstepper Wrote: [ -> ]What's the triple look like? Lowell/Ortiz/Ramirez?

Hey Michael! [Image: trioauto_zpsb112c2b2.jpg]

Pretty Sweet card!
What trade value are you putting on the Lowell/Oritz/Ramirez?
(07-23-2013 05:01 PM)photowiz1 Wrote: [ -> ]What trade value are you putting on the Lowell/Oritz/Ramirez?

/36 Books $120, this one I am looking for around $130-140.

I need that card in my life. I'm looking to move a 2005 Topps Pristine Justin Verlander RC Uncirculated BV 100$+ right now. Any interest?
check me for the Teixeira auto not sure i have somethng to trade for it feel free to browse my org thanks
(07-23-2013 07:31 PM)paynetrain34 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the Teixeira auto not sure i have somethng to trade for it feel free to browse my org thanks

Offer sent
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