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Was looking at everybodies breaks and seeing that almost every break was including the Tarasenko redemptions, so I figured what the hell.

[Image: StefanMatteau1314Trilogy161RCAU699_zps5a110967.jpg][Image: TrilogyGalchenyukSignaturePucksSPAG_zpsa481695c.jpg][Image: UDTrilogy3starInternationaljerseysEkmanL...270e6a.jpg]
interested in the triple jersey
(07-22-2013 09:29 PM)hockeynick1721 Wrote: [ -> ]interested in the triple jersey

Send me an open offer and I will see what we can do.
Loving that Galchenyuk! Very nice, and I hope that I can snare it from you!

Very nice mini-box.

Galchenyuk is the main hit and selling might get you near the price of your mini box.

According to the UD checklist, overall odds for the international trios is 1:9 packs. Yours has a ratio of 1:52 packs (group B). It is worth more than a common group D.

As for your RC, Matteau is still a prospect and has potential.

Signature puck looks great. Too bad you didn't hit any big cards though. Trilogy seems to be hit or miss.
How many boxes did you break?
(07-23-2013 01:04 PM)shierydana Wrote: [ -> ]How many boxes did you break?

Just one mini. After seeing the ebay says and interest in the Galchenyuk I feel like it was a great break. I just sprung for the Trilogy because I don't really collect current players, so I was hoping at the very least to get a Tie Domi auto LOL. Or something like the Fleury that was posted in the other break. Have been getting a ton of great offers on the Galchenyuk card, upwards of 250-300bv in trade offers, so I am pretty happy on the return that it will give me towards some PC stuff or nice tradebait.
Nice !
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