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Full Version: 2011-12 Anthology Box
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I bought a few boxes form Dave and Adam’s during the long weekend sale. The first I opened was 2011-12 Anthology. Here is what I got.

Pinnacle RCs:
Jordan Benn, Braydon McNabb, Zack Kassian, Chad Rau, & Andy Miele AU.
Calder contenders Mike Murphy #999
Crown Royale Rookie Royalty:
Patrick Maroon
Anthology Rookie Rivalry:
Gardiner/Palushaj & Kassian/Palushaj
Rookie Treasures:
Erik Condra, JSY AU #499
Luxury Suite:
Andrei Markov Jsy & Stick
[Image: IMG_0001-1.jpg]
Decent pulls. I like the design of the Condra. Just don't leave it near a window, since my auto almost disappeared with the direct sunlight (luckily it was bortuzzo from the pens).
So with the Rookie Anthology - they put in cards from all Panini type products? Luxury Suite, Pinnacle, Contenders...
i can use that miele auto if for trade
I would be interested in the Miele Auto as well
Not bad
Trade offers sent for Miele.
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