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all is up for trade yea i went to the local card shop and bought 3 boxes of archives all is added to my org and up for trade if you see something feel free to send a offer

gallery of heroes yogi berra
gallery of heroes buster posey
brandon belt num to 199
evan longoria num to 199
cole hamels num to 199
chris davis num to 199
kent hrbek fan favorite auto
dan gladden fan favorite auto
don baylor fan favorite auto
hal morris fan favorite auto
denny mclain fan favorite auto
fred lynn fan favorite auto

all cards are up for trade and added to org feel free to shoot me some offers if any of them catches your appeal enjoy your 4th of July collectors
Open offer sent.
Sent an open trade.... let me know if we can work something out.
i'll send you an open offer in a second here.
offer sent. thanks
offer sent who do you collect?
check me for the posey and longoria
didnt see much i could use thanks for the response

(07-06-2013 06:58 PM)kbfullerr Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the posey and longoria
Check me for the Hal Morris auto
Hal morris has been traded

(07-07-2013 09:04 AM)franciscomarina Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the Hal Morris auto
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