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So I am in the process of moving and downsizing my collection so looking to trade for PC items or would sell as well...still willing to consider all offers though!

Should be something for everyone..check it out!
[Image: null_zps39895ff5.jpg]
Almora sterling,duda prizm refractor 25/25,tony armas sr, Willie Randolph
Autos 2:
Milone, galvez,halton, fulmer, Skole,Pearce, matusz
Autos and vintage:
[Image: null_zpse7c4aa43.jpg]
Fife and westmoreland, Yankees prospects, '58 banks, Robinson and Milwaukee braves CL, '70 Clemente, '73 Ruth, Aaron, mays, randy Johnson RC
Almora USA triple jersey,almora USA relic /949,2012 pro debut middlebrooks relic,sterling naquin relic,2013 GQ aoki and Pacheco relics, 2013 topps weaver relic
Inserts & SPs:
[Image: null_zpseb115306.jpg]
2012 babe Ruth commemorative ring,2012 Ruth chasing history gold, certified red Campanella, cal Ripken finest interleague refractor,Fisk relic, '11 heritage wright SP,'12 GQ mantle SP
Prospects & RCs:
[Image: null_zps098454e6.jpg]
2011 bowman chrome and paper profar,machado glove stories, platinum prospects and futures game, starling platinum prospect, rizzo finest RC,'10 bowman chrome Pacheco blue refractor/150, '11 goldy RC
[Image: null_zps4c9113d4.jpg]
Harvey RCs:prizm, topps, gerrit cole RCs: '10 platinum purple, '12 bdp purple, '12 chrome, 2011 contenders, Felix HernandezRC
Matt Moore RC Lot:
[Image: null_zps2458e78e.jpg]
'12 platinum,'12 heritage,finest,'11 platinum green, '12 topps, variation and chrome,'12 a&G RC and mini

Sorry for the long post...hopefully we can get some deals done before this move!
let me know what you are wanting for the felix rookie
Open offer sent. Thanks.
Anybody tonight?
Interested in the two Profar rookie cards. Thanks
check me for the machados, ripken and the mantle sp
bumpppp....tons of other stuff too especially Mini's....somebody take all these minis off my hands! They should be in Org but will update this thread with some pics if i get some time later
Check me to see if I have any of your pc, I could use a number of rc's and prospects.
(07-02-2013 05:23 PM)totally sports Wrote: [ -> ]Check me to see if I have any of your pc, I could use a number of rc's and prospects.

Offer sent!
can you check the offer I sent over early this afternoon? thanks.
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