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Seems like its been a while since i've been able to knock out some trades. i'd like to get a some done today so i can get them out tommorrow before the holiday. plent other stuff available that what you see below, just showing some highlights.

looking for set stuff (mainly S2 inserts atm) for the lower ends. and cardinals mainly for anything mid-high end.

EDIT -- Looking for:
Matt Holliday auto (Cardinals only)
Prince Fielder auto (Detoit only)
Bryce Harpers
Some modern day Star RC's

 photo Scan_Pic0090_zps594c6f25.jpg
 photo Scan_Pic0089_zps1b1fee3f.jpg
 photo Scan_Pic0088_zpsa18a682b.jpg
would love the griffey patch or the series 2 sp's if you can find some stuff to make it work. I have some S2 stuff but havent had time to load it all yet
I like the andrus, trade sent
Open offer sent. Don't what value u r putting on the Schmidt. Lmk. Thanks.
interested in the Harveys, can you please check my org
Interested in the CarGo
Open offer sent. Also interested in the B.J. Upton relic but didnt see it in your trade list
anyone else?
 photo 7cc065d3-a970-4b6d-b4a5-2dfbb7229e4c.jpg

Seth Manness auto?

If it's upside down I apologize. I have edited it several times...
offer sent
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