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Cracked another box, really like this stuff. Plenty of the usual, Future Watch Auto (2), and a SOT auto, etc, etc - plus this beauty!

This guy has been following me lately, which is a real good thing!!

Thanks for the look.

[Image: 8b9daf91-67cf-4cc6-b5d4-fbe844e0af5c_zpsc7532eec.jpg]
Sweet card, congrats! I wish I was followed by people like that!
Very nice card, wish I had a guy like that follow me.
Great card!! Would take morr of these!
Nasty auto of orr congrats
Killer Orr, congrats! If you don't mind, PM me a list of whatever UD Update base cards you pulled, I'm hoping to put the set together with my kids, we do the UD Series I/II/Hockey Heroes every year.
Sweet Orr.Wouldn't mind that myself.Congrats!!!
Nice Orr congrats!
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