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Just won this card in an auction. But, can't seem to find it in beckett. Am I just not looking cose enough? I see bradford/tebow and bradford/mccoy of this set. But, I don't see the claussen/bradford?
Oh and it will probably be up for sale/trade depending on if I can figure out a bv
Wow! Id be interested in that! Never heard of the of bradford/clausen version. Took a look and couldn't find it either. Then again ive come across a lot of cards that beckett didn't have listed. When you get it make a scan and email it to beckett
right on, thanks....I was worried it was a fake or something.

At any rate I got one hell of deal from what the other cards are in bv(I am a rams fan so it would be hard to part with it. I also see bradford having a huge year this year(no bias lol). Improved oline, a couple extra weapons. Would have to see what the market is for the card at the moment.).
Nah doubt its a fake man. Not unusual to see cards not listed. I recently found an elway from 97 that wasn't listed. You would think 16 years is long enough to list a card lol. I'm a sooners fan so like you i hope bradford has a good year.
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