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Thought I'd share a few of my most recent RG3 pickups...some from traders on here (thanks everyone!) and some from eBay as I was able to sell a couple if my bigger pulls...not nearly as expansive as some if you guys on here but a decent start I think...thanks for looking!

[Image: null_zps5c6bc05b.jpg]
Panini black/349, valor/50, r&s prime auto relic/49, inception jumbo/165,momentum dual relic prime/49, Inception quad relic /15!

[Image: null_zpsf7780155.jpg]
Limited jumbo jersey prime /49(sick patch), r&s longevity rookie materials /249, topps gold, turkey red regular and SP

[Image: null_zpsa3de051f.jpg]
Spx winning big materials/199,archives 1962 jersey

Wouldnt have alot if these if it wasnt for trading! Thanks for checking them out guys! Have some other decent stuff for trade if anyone has any RG3 they would be willing to move!
Nice Tannehill Inception.... those other guys the quad are so so Smile
Those are nice!!
Wow, very nice pickups! Looking good!
Thanks guys! Still need quite a few base of his but can't really be upset about the ones I got so far!
solid pick ups.. that jumbo patch is sweet
Dang thats a nice patch!
Very nice RGIII's.
Very nice!!!
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