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The reason I ask is because I ran into Champ Bailey at Oregon's graduation today. Looked to me like he was there for a family member or friend. We crossed paths when we were both trying to squeeze through the maze of people to find our seats for the ceremony. He held the door open for people and seemed like a normal guy which is good to see. I didn't bother him for an autograph but I did see him sign one for a kid. I did, however, snap a picture of him to prove that i 'm not lying when i tell friends about it.

Being in Eugene it's really common to run into duck players around town but this was a total surprise.

Who have you had the luck of running into out of the blue and where?
My most random one football wise is either Lofa Tatupu buying licorice at Fred Meyer in Bellevue or Bo Jackson waiting in the passenger seat of a convertible outside the airport in Las Vegas.
I had the pleasure of working security at the Bellagio hotel and resort in Las Vegas. My most memorable moment was hearing someone say "excuse me" I turn around and am staring into the chest of a very tall guy. I'm 6'3' this guy hovered over me. It took me a second to realize that Kareem Abdul Jabbar was asking me where the nearest bathroom was. I was in shock and intimidated at the same time!!
Wrong sport but a few years ago I saw Michael Stewart of the Sacramento Kings at a Toys R Us in Sacramento ... I remembered I had a game program with him on the cover in the trunk of my car, so I ran back outside to go get it.

Also grabbed a red sharpie from the front seat and went back in and found him ... he seemed kind of surprised that someone had something for him to sign there, but he was very cool about it.
about 12 years ago when I lived in San Antonio I saw David Robinson at a Best Buy. Hes tall...
I've seen Brian Jordan formerly of the Falcons and Braves at the Mall of Georgia. He was with his wife and kids. Probably there to watch a movie.
I met Dominique Wilkins, shook his hand, and carried on a conversation with him... *ahem* at a club... *ahem.*
And then no sports guy, BUT I saw Samuel L. Jackson last October at the airport standing in the line next to mine. We stared at each other for a few seconds. I felt as if he was going to yell at me. Lol
My ex-gf's brothers used to hang out and play with Hines Ward down in Forest Park, GA when they are kids.
I ran into Nate Robinson at a Jack in the Box when he played for the Huskies. He was in Pullman to play the Cougars. I will always remember it because he was telling everyone the lyrics to that Lil Jon song..."to the window! To the wall!" I'll always remember that. So random.

I also ran into Shawn Kemp at a Seahawks game. He just popped up in my section. Here's a photo...

[Image: f51056312f8d38ccf905840eb8a87eda_zps9a01ac81.jpg]
Hmmm idk if it counts but I went to college with Rodney Stuckey of the detroit pistons and Taiwan Jones of the Oakland Raiders at Easter Washington University and used to run in to them around campus quite a bit
when shawn crable played for the pats, i always ran into him at the bank of america. repeatedly. like 7-8 times. was strange (but im a wolverine fan, so it was kind of cool)

with my appraisal job, i end up working with athletes from time to time, but i dont count that

for baseball: i went to the same barber as ted williams, met him one time
Oh, i also one time got into a staredown, middle finger pointing and yelling session with the undertaker (kind of a long story. but it started as playful, and ended up hostile)
Talked smack to Quincy Carter at a bar...

Ran into Dominique Wilkins at the grocery store and Home Depot multiple times....

Rode the bus with Hines Ward for a semester in college....
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