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I am taking offers on some of these cards let me know if you are interested

profar- 70 obo shipped
[Image: KGrHqZrQFGJQ1JDdLBRnS1jnCrw60_57_zpsc58ae78a.jpg]

bundy- 52.50 obo can not go lower the 42.50 shipped
[Image: T2eC16NzQE9s3srYizBRlTn2qw60_57_zps715b3d15.jpg]

wong- 12.50 obo
[Image: T2eC16JHJIYE9qUcNhBRnpbYotkg60_3_zps279bfa1f.jpg]

jose fernandez- 25.00 obo can not go lower the 20.00 shipped
[Image: 995311db-44bf-4d32-9b2b-62a0b1f154d4_zpsde8c032e.jpg]

wacha- 60.00 obo numbered to 25
[Image: 106_zps91689997.jpg]

banulos- 20.00 obo dont have a scan but can get one if needed

I then have some non prospect auto's

Josh hamilton- 25.00 obo
peralta- 7.50 shipped
mike sweeney- 10.00 shipped
ike davis- 10.00 shipped
shawn michaels- 75.00 shipped will go down a lil but need close to this i know its more then bv but this is just what i need

I will add more to this as I have a chance to go through my cards but here are some to start. If interested in any just post or pm me or send a trade offer
bump. come on guys really could use some money all price are negoatible.
hey do you still have any of these?
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