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PM me if you are interested or send a trade with what you are interesest in the comment section of the trade. Thanks

[Image: TradeLot6001_zps0465d889.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot1001_zps368f7a20.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot5001_zps4937c9f2.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot4001_zpsc05f2f95.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot10001_zpsd5c13025.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot7001_zpsfdbb37ed.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot8001_zpse95bac50.jpg]

[Image: TradeLot9001_zpseb1b499a.jpg]
PM sent!!
Nice stuff! Perhaps we can work something out.
Very nice cards! Check me for the Jeter and maybe other stuff--thanks
Check me for the CM punk relic and belle auto
Put me in line for Beltran and the Garcia. Thanks.
I'm likening the jeter also, if you see something you can use?
i really like the Dirk. see if i have anything you like. thanks
Definitely interested in Jeter and Dirk! Might have interest in a couple of others. Please let me know...
check me for any 2013 Gypsy queen stuff. Especially framed minis
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