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Have some stuff setting on the desk, looking for trades!!!!

[Image: scan0002.jpg]
[Image: scan0001.jpg]
[Image: scan0005.jpg]
[Image: scan0007.jpg]
[Image: scan0004.jpg]
[Image: scan0006.jpg]
[Image: scan0003.jpg]
Open offer sent
Can you PM me what you'd be looking for on the Tulo?
Please check me for the Gibson patch. Thanks!
Trade coming your way
offer sent. Thanks!!!
Apologize for the delay....been very busy with fire dept (HFD) this week. I will look at the offers this evening or tomorrow and get back with everyone.....Thanks for your patients.
Hey All, i truly apologize for the delays and the cancelled offers due to the lack of response on my end...I was out of town on business and then on vacation with the family. If you see anything you like or need lmk......Again truly sorry.
counter-offers sent....Thanks
interested i nthe Tulo auto feel free to browse my org thanks
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