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I'm so close to finishing my project. I'm hoping someone here has these stashed away. The cards in bold are the last 3 cards I need. The others are just cards I'd like to own.

2001 Topps Base Hit Relics - Manager Autos - need 8 more
Scioscia, Howe, Alou, C Manuel, Valentine, Jimy Williams, Muser, Garner

Roberto Alomar (any auto, Arizona)
Roberto Alomar (any on card, Toronto)
Manny Corpas (sticker)
Prince Fielder (any on card, Detroit)
Matt Holiday (any on card, St Louis)
Carlos Marmol (Sweet Spot)
Mike Marshall (any flat item signed or Sweet Spot)
Alex Rodriguez (any on card pack pulled, Yankees)

Projected 2013 All-Stars
Chris Davis (sticker)
Hisashi Iwakuma
Jonathan LuCroy (sticker)
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