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Hey everyone! I'll keep this post here with a weekly bump as I really want to get the Mets fan favs autos from the 2013 archives. I'll even open up my PC for these as well. Right now I need the following:

Keith Miller
Sid Fernandez
Ron Darling
Mookie Wilson
Gregg Jefferies

I need a couple from last year as well but these are priority. I'm in no rush so hopefully we can wheel and deal. Thanks again!

- Rob
I'll do a weekly bump so I don't annoy anyone Smile I'll have more trade bait after this week as well. Thanks again for the trades so far!
I'll try one more bump. I added a bunch of random cards from last week with several new AU's. Check em out and let me know!
I'll try one more bump for these.. im willing to work hard for these so let me know!
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