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should have done this earlier. anyways, i have these cards up for trade. pretty solid i would say. feel free to send me open offers and such. any questions, just ask. thanks
[Image: 95f07592-f354-445a-97b4-2bebe29c66f7_zpsca54d5f2.jpg]

Darvish and Harper are error cards.
[Image: Scan0068_zps74043627.jpg]
[Image: Scan0067_zps63f6a0a7.jpg]
[Image: Scan0065_zpscf1a016f.jpg]
[Image: Scan0058_zpsdb96a40c.jpg]
[Image: pacquiao_zps6344f550.jpg]
What kind of value on the Braun? LMK thanks
(06-07-2013 04:05 PM)iconms Wrote: [ -> ]What kind of value on the Braun? LMK thanks

pm sent. thanks
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