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Putting almost all my baseball up for trade or sale. Looking for Bruins/Red Sox/Patriots or HOF players.

Cutting my collection down to focus on specifics instead of all the mass collecting I did over the years.

I am reasonable if you want to buy. Have a lot more in my Bucket and Org.

Baseball fs/ft photo baseballfs_zps0c279ca8.jpg

 photo baseballfs3_zps6ddd9fe6.jpg

 photo baseballfs2_zpse40d3b4b.jpg
Price on the Cano?
Sent you a message
Pm sent...Check me for Bruins and any Sox I have for trade.
Thanks for the great responses! Heading in to work I still need to add a lot of inserts for trade and base cards. Getting rid of it all except my Red Sox and a few (very few) select cards.

Will be looking to do this over the weekend.
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