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Let me know if you are interested or send an open offer.

[Image: Scan_Pic0055_zpsf062ba5c.jpg]

[Image: Scan_Pic0056_zps4105457c.jpg]
interested in the harvey and canseco
check me for the Harvey and or the Bradley
damn, I didn't see the Hardy!! lol. what u looking for on the Hardy?
I don't see the it traded already?
(06-06-2013 08:12 PM)IronChef Wrote: [ -> ]interested in the harvey and canseco

Sorry, didn't see anything I can use right now.

Sorry, just added the Grandal. brian2345 and snappyjoe I am checking you guys right now and will try to get back to you by tomorrow.
Anything I have for the Harvey? Thanks.
Interested in the Harvey and Bradley if you can find anything
Open offer sent. Thanks
Still checking buckets and will get back to everyone as soon as I can.
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