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Omitted one slight detail in the title . . . it has that other guy on it.

Anyway . . . don't mind hanging on to it, but would trade/sell it for the right offer.

Please come strong. I will also trade down, provided you give me a reason to.

I collect Hall of Fame and future Hall of Fame autographs - I will also trade for quality autographs of select current stars, or perhaps Ruth GU. No prospects, please.

Card has some dings on corners/edges, which are common to booklets. Back upper left of Morrison has a small chip. Condition is AS IS. Item will ship in the one-touch (three touch?) magnetic.

[Image: BookletStanton.jpg]
I'm interested. I have a Willie mccovey auto #/10 I think for trade if you're interested
Sweet card and patch, good luck
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