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Looking for Cole Hamels and Dom Brown mostly but will consider most trades. Gooden Trophy, Holliday Auto, Maxwell Auto are gone.
[Image: beckett2001_zps849bc70d.jpg]
[Image: beckett1001_zpsfae0f475.jpg]
[Image: beckett3001_zpsfa3b7f8f.jpg]
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[Image: bowmanscan1001_zps31a6ec79.jpg]
Open offer sent.
open offer sent. thanks
I like segura and need all the 2013 bowman top prospect cards if u like anything of mine
please check me for the hultzen auto
Open offer sent! hope we can work something out you have some good stuff for two of my PC collections!
Would be interested in quite a few things...please see if I have anythingggg you would be interested in and send me an offer..then depending on what your want im msure ican find stuff
I have some interest in the Arias Letterman auto and the Ryu. Please check me for them--thanks
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