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Full Version: Back after years away
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Hello all,
been long time since last post/trade. See a lot of changes not sure where old album , my inventory etc. has gone .....
Been so long no longer collecting Alvarez...... Now collecting Josh Bell & Alen Hanson .......
Welcome back
Thank you.. Going to take a couple days to re-learn everything lol
(06-04-2013 08:05 PM)cspen Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome back

as for your org i still think you can contact a mod and I think they can reload your org. unless you have over 100 cards in your org you will need to pay 2.00 a moth or get a subscription and they will come up

Welcome back
Welcome back, I collect giants.
Welcome back. I collect Pittsburgh as well, but none are listed for trade. Would like the Neil Walker auto. Will check and see what I have for Bell and Hanson cards. Let me know what else you may be looking for and I will see what I have. Thanks.
Welcome back! My needs are in my sig if I have anything you need.
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