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As some of you know, in about two weeks Im heading over to the UK for a month for an archaeological excavation. After airfare and all that jazz, I was pretty strapped for cash. However, after listing it multiple times over three years, I finally sold...IT!

My 2010 Magic Drew Brees auto refractor /10 finally has a new home

Got 200 bucks for it too! Now, it is bittersweet, because I actually kind of attached to That card, simply because its gorgeous lol.

What Was going to help Ease the pain originally Was the Fact I was going to use the money for an ultra-sick PC piece...but now that Doesnt look like it is going to happen lol!

I hope Whoever bought it Though gives her a good home...she Deserves it!
Thats awesome but yet bittersweet. Hope you have a good trip bro.
I saw that, it was def. a sweet card. Hopefully going to a PC. Enjoy your trip! Eventhough it's for work, I'm sure you'll get to go out and about some, won't you?
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