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Full Version: Some recent PC adds
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Heres a few new additions to my Hines Ward and Raymond Berry PC's. These have been form trades, freebies and the bay from the past couples weeks.

First off, as always, Ward...

[Image: img277_zpsaadf03ee.jpg]
Gridiron/50, R&S /50, Skybox logo patch /50, Playoff /100, Threads/150, Priviate Stock /172

[Image: img278_zpsf4c6e9b1.jpg]
Bronze 86/125 ( Wards #), Gold 18/25 (Mannings #), BB auto /100, EndZone/6 ( this is the 3rd that I own and the 4th that I've had... gave one away to another collector)

[Image: img275_zps8f882c7d.jpg]

[Image: img274_zpsfa81a140.jpg]
This one will most likely get reslabed via BGS so that it matches the rest of the PC.

and now for my Berry's...

[Image: img279_zps955eef23.jpg]
Limited/25, Playbook/40, NT/49

[Image: img280_zps29325335.jpg]
Bronze/NNO, Gold /3
Very nice additions! 1 of my favorite autos is my gold standard Raymond Berry 4/10 with the gold piece.
Very nice stuff! Love the L.E! And of course the Manning Jersey number triple lol
Nice adds, you got some great Hines patches. I like the 04 Skybox LE and that 02 Private Stock. Cool cards. The logo cut outs for the patch windows are awesome I like how its multi colored under there.
Holy crap mike..... Way to pick up some sweet cards....have neither a ward or berry au in my collection although I did buy and send a berry mini helmet to someone......Smile
Very nice PC pickups bud!!! Love that Ward logo patch just pure nastiness!!
(06-02-2013 04:30 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice stuff! Love the L.E! And of course the Manning Jersey number triple lol

Thought you might... lol

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Thanks for the comments everyone.
Nice stuff my friend!
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