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I recently put my collection up for sale on craigslist and got some texts about it. I live in manhattan ks and got one from a phone number in kc ks saying she was interested in buying it for her dad as a surprise and was okay with the price I listed and all she needed was my name and paypal email so she can send payment and then would instruct courier to pick up boxes. Is this a scam?
If they are in driving distance of you and cannot get the item themselves, I would be cautious.

Everything else seems legit.
I would ask "so you don't want to look over them first before you purchase?"
I would be weary of a scam. You can offer to deliver for cash. What will happen is you will sell them and they will claim unauthorized charge and you'll be left with a negative balance in your paypal.
Yeah never give your Paypal and ship over Craigslist! That should be a no brainer.. If you have to ship something without an actual selling site like eBay, or amazon, exactly what branesergen said, you'll be left with no cards and negative money!
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