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So, lots of good trades going on, but I thought a post might stir up a few more...

1) Evan Gattis only has one "major" card: 2012 Topps Heritage Minors. I found four of them in a box today. Up for trade. - UPDATE - TWO REMAINING.

2) I bought a couple of lots of GQ Minis to get Reds that I needed. Everything else goes to you guys - all are loaded in the org for trade. Help me get these things out of here because I hate trying to store them.

3) I put up my 2013 Bowman... including a couple of good autos:

Gregory Polanco Red Auto Refractor /5: Haven't got around to selling it on eBay yet... so if you have a good low-numbered Reds auto, hit me up. I also have a non-Refractor Polanco auto if you're interested.

Carlos Correa Auto Refractor /500 - UPDATE - TRADE PENDING!

Matt Olson Blue Auto Refractor /150

Plus a couple of other cool autos/refractors.

Looking for Reds I don't have (all wants marked!) or trade bait, prefer to trade up if I am just getting trade bait but I will trade in your favor in those cases.

Please send open offers - I am really busy right now and don't have too much time to hang on the boards... but those of you who know me know I've got good stuff to trade and stay on top of it.

I will take a look at your minis in a little bit to see if there are any I need.
Open offer sent with comments. Thanks
Offer sent.
Open offer sent Smile
Open offer sent
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