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Use to trade on here a lot a few years ago then the site didnt work half the time, the organizer was slow to load cards ect. Before I try to load 1000 cards just wondering how it is lately. Thanks.
Changes with the days
Hit or miss one week you can knock a few out the next couple there is no action, The site is losing more and more people. And alot of guys are selling off there collections so the Hobby is losing people everyday as well.
I dont have much for trade but feel free to check me out...i have no problem with small deals.
site can be slow , load cards during off times works the best. Today for example no issues everyone is out...If you have something someone wants trading is easy if not its difficult.
Trading can be slow at time. But so can loading cards and just accessing the site overall. I have done lots of trades and am always up for trading. But the biggest problem I have is when a user starts a thread and/or trade, you counter or send an offer and then the trade sits for days and days even though that other person has been on the site.

If it weren't for that, I'd be doing trades all the time. I start threads from time to time and get deals going, but often times they just stall because other users decide they want to let the trade sit for days upon days.

In my opinion, it's part company/site and part user that keeps more trades from happening and users/traders going to other sites to trade.
Site is never gonna get better. So many promises and nothing ever changed. Never will.

My problem is that we keep losing traders. You look for cards and most of the people that have the cards arent even here anymore.
I've done quite a few trades over the last couple weeks. The site can be slow especially on Sundays, just gotta keep yourself busy with other stuff while waiting for things to load.
Trading seems to peak at product release times. I usually have 3-4 a week which is plenty for me, but most of mine are for filling holes in others sets they are building, not high end stuff (as I don't have any LOL). I sell elsewhere.

Relativley new so don't know how org. was in the "old days"...I find that I don't run into the problems others have with speed...I guess I'm just lucky in the times I pick to do things.
It's not near as slow as it was. Guys exaggerate a bit. The traffics a bit slow lately but it can't improve if guys won't give it another chance.
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