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I just want to post this because I have not signed on in a while I had tons of trade offers that were cancelled or have been sitting. I have been crazy busy and I really don't have time to check for trades right now. I just want to apologize if you happened to send me an offer that I did not respond to. I prob won't get a chance to get back to trading until the fall. I just started a new job and I work 12-16 hour days and I am getting married the first week of september. So once everything calms down I would like to get back to trading but for now I just don't have the time or money. All offers will eventually be responded to when I get time. Also my ORG is not really 100% up to date. I don't have the money for the online price guide to be able to update my ORG. But again I hope to start dealing with everyone again in the fall.


Chad congrates man on everything...

Im looking forward to trading with you again in the future! Take care
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