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I just signed up here at beckett and I'm trying to pay for a subscription. After I put in all my card information and checked the terms and agreement box, I clicked pay. But everytime I do that it instantly goes to a page that says "page cannot be found". Anyone got any idea as to why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
yeah im having the same problem. im not sure what is going on
I have subscriptions and want to add more and am having the same problem. I click on pay and a blank screen comes up.

I guess they don't want our money...
I don't want full subscription but just want single card. They have changed the billing to take $5 for the first transaction and the balance to go towards subscription I think.

Is there anyway I can just use the balance for more single card subscriptions???
Sorry about the problems you had purchasing over the weekend. There were some technical difficulties that should be resolved now. Please contact if you still have any issues purchasing your OPG.

In regard to the balance in your account, you can apply to the future single card pricing without a problem.

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