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Prefer to hold onto at least one of the Hamilton Blues. Looking for other nice star autos. I am willing to possibly trade down on the higher-end ones depending on how many in my favor. If interested feel free to send an open offer or post here. Alls I ask is if I take the time to respond in a timely manner please return the favor.

[Image: ChapmanAroldisCBAutoRC_zpsbd9c1173.jpg]

[Image: FrazierToddBCGoldRefAutoRC_zpsa2b6521e.jpg]

[Image: GriffeyKenEpicAuto_zps42dde23b.jpg]

[Image: HamiltonBillyBCBlueAutoRCb-1.jpg]

[Image: HamiltonBillyGoodwinAutoRC_zps0dfed37e.jpg]

[Image: HamiltonBillyBCBlueAutoRC-1.jpg]

[Image: HamiltonBillyBCAuto_zps36c30ebe.jpg]
please check me for one of the hamilton auto's i am ok with any of them thanks
Checking now will shoot you an offer in a few minutes.
Anyone else?
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