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Got a few pickups on the auction site for really good prices.

The first two are Randall Cobb Five Star booklets. Both of them are in good condition, but do have some minor edge flaking. Couldn't beat the price, even with the minor imperfections. The first is a 3 piece jersey auto booklet, #d 1/35. The second is a 4 piece jersey auto booklet, #d 48/50 (it also look like the marker was running out of ink on this one, as there are two spots where the sig looks a little like it was written on, but no ink is really there). Just need to get some of the booklet touch lock cases for them.

And the other is a Casey Heyward Black auto #d 45/199

Now up to 93 different Packers autos!!
those are some sexy booklets.. i love fivestar booklets
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