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Full Version: my first rainbow
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With that being said I think I will take a break from collecting. Maybe try to sell some stuff.

[Image: T2eC16VHJGQE9noMK7JBRYMFVo4Wg60_3_zpsee83d4da.jpg]

[Image: jv1_zps02799f76.jpg]

[Image: T2eC16dHJGFFm1ltomkBRkUPMLQ60_12_zps5e3080a4.jpg]

[Image: jv5_zps4231eabd.jpg]

(not actual card I have, just a better pic)
[Image: jv2_zpsf2b3e51a.jpg]
Congrats, nice rainbow!! Took a lot out of you getting it huh? Sometimes you just need a break, Thanks for sharing and again Congratulations!!
The Heart was a killer(in my book anyway), but I was able to score the rest for 10 bucks and under.
awesome looking rainbow
Congrats on the rainbow.
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