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I like these, especially the browning of the white patches:

2/25 Walter Payton
[Image: sweetnesspatch2008of25.jpg]

15/25 Barry Sanders
[Image: BarrySandersPlaybookPatch25001.jpg]

13/25 Deion Sanders
[Image: DeionSandersLCPatch13of25001.jpg]

9/16 Len Dawson
[Image: LenDawsonLimitedPatch3color16001_zps86493d46.jpg]

1/25 Bob Griese
[Image: BobGriese2008LimitedPatch1of25001_zps17c97a92.jpg]

13/30 Bobby Layne
[Image: BobbyLayneEliteThreads2colorPatch30001_zps039d7626.jpg]

21/30 Bob Griese
[Image: Griese2006LimitedPatch30001_zps52eab9fa.jpg]

4/50 Gale Sayers
[Image: GaleSayersLimitedPatch50001_zps7788a91f.jpg]

23/50 Alan Page
[Image: AlanPage2011LimitedPatch50001_zps66775f01.jpg]

2/5 Tony Gonzalez
[Image: GonzalezPrimeColeLimited2of5001_zps6bbe4620.jpg]
sweet looking cards of awesome players, the layne, griese, dawson and sayers sure do look game used Smile
nice stuff! i like that deion sanders alot! i like those cards
Very nice multi colors.
The Griese's are awesome especially the piece of the R
Wow coach great stuff love the look of thos patches
Wow, those are some sick multi colors of some Great Players. Thanks for sharing!!
Nice collection! Some really great cards there!
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