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a nothing hugely special game used lot, but i picked these 32 cards up for 24 dollars:

couple air mcnairs:

Redskins and dolphins. champ bailey and jason campbell, zach thomas and ...thurman thomas?

running backs: 2 steven jacksons, chris johnson, rudi johnson patch, mcfadden, chris johnson, shaun alexander, edgerrin/george combo, forte patch, ronnie brown dual

4 marcus allens

wide receivers: 2 Moss, tim brown, roddy white, fitz, vernon davis (te, but gets played like a wr)

6 andre johnsons

The U Running Back Triple, #'ed 4/9: Portis Mcgahee Edge

Might put the last one up for trade or sale if there is interest. ill throw it into my org later on tonight. if there is no interest, ill probably just throw it into a big lot ill sell off for my charity. the rest are going into my dutch and/or charity lots
Sweet Thurman.... played his last season with the phins Smile
(05-23-2013 01:37 PM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet Thurman.... played his last season with the phins Smile

oh, i know, but it's hard to picture that, you know? like dorsett in a denver uni, or emmitt in a cards uni
Dont know what i would have you could use wouldnt mind a shot at the portis and anyother skins
Love that last card! Nice cards all around
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