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Full Version: Harpers for trade
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I don't get on here much anymore due to the crappy server Beckett has that wont let me do anything with my collection. So I don't east the money on the sub. I have these listed in my org and will trade them.

Looking for Bowman chrome autos of

AVISAIL GARCIA and a few other things

[Image: Image448_zps2f11cdb0.jpg]
[Image: Image449_zps5cb9fa1f.jpg]
[Image: Image450_zpsf537e225.jpg]
[Image: Image451_zpsb54d5f43.jpg]
[Image: Image452_zpsfed1216e.jpg]
I have two 2013 Topps Garcia TTM autos if u r interested
open offer sent! please check me for anything you could use!
open offer sent. thanks
Looking over all offers now. Thanks guys
take a look and see if theres anything you could use from me. i could pick up quite a few of those
Check me for anything you need.
Gold border, tc refractor, purple heritage all traded. Still looking to move more
check me please
so is that a no on the autos?
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