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Subgrades are 9.5 on Centering & Edges, 9.0 on Surface & 10 on Corners with a 10 Auto. I am really not sure where to price it at since raw ones sell between $375-$400. I may list it on eBay for $999.99 just to see what offers come in as I really am having trouble gauging a price for it. I will put up a scan and maybe go ahead and list it on ebay as well just to get some ideas. Feel free to make any offers as I will not be offended in any way. I also collect Bryce Harper. I do also have a Bryce Harper Bowman Chrome Auto RC Refractor BGS 9.5 with 10/Auto that I wouldn't mind working out a way with it and possible this or cash to upgrade to a colored auto of Bryce Harper. Thanks.

[Image: ByronBuxtonBowmanChromeBlueAutoBGS95_zpsbdf844ce.jpg]

[Image: ByronBuxtonBowmanChromeBlueAutoBGS95Back...7deb0c.jpg]
Man, that is really nice. Congrats on the great pull and the great grade on it. If I had anything in the ballpark I'd make a run at it.

Kid seems to be the real deal, so don't rush into a deal on it. He's tearing up low A right now at a bit of a better pace than Trout did and that's the comparison the Cedar Rapids people are going with. Not sure he'll pan out that well, but he could easily be the top prospect when the new lists come out.
Really nice card. I was thinking about sending in my Danny Salazar Orange Ref in, but reaaally sweet card!
i have a 2010 Trout auto bowman plat. if that gets me anywhere. lmk. thanks
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