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I'm not normally a forum guy as I'm too busy.. that and I usually can sort out most card quandries on my own, but I've been recently stumped by one that I need some help with.
I'm building a master Marino psa registry set (I know, it's nuts), which for PSA is all regular issues up to and including 2000. Beckett lists 6 99 sp authentic buy back auto cards for Marino : 95 SP, 95 SP Championship, 96 SP, 97 SP Authentic, 98 SP Authentic and 99 SP Authentic. The last one is obviously incorrect as it's the product it was supposedly bought back from. I figured that one out and it's actually a buy back from 94 SP... serial numbering helped on that one. The one that I can't figure out is one that I've seen and it's from 93 SP, numbered to 9. Of the 6 currently listed NONE are numbered to 9 so I'm confused. I also checked 2000 sp and found no Marino buy backs and I checked the 2003 10 th anniversary buy backs, also no marino officially listed.
I appreciate any help given, I'm sure someone out there knows where this thing came from. Thanks in advance.
Good Luck! .... theres a lot of phins collectors here and a few Marino collectors...welcome to the board!
It's because Beckett isn't the end all see all. Scan a picture of the front and back and send it to them and they may add it to the database. I can't think of exactly who at the moment but maybe someone else will chime in with better directions. The point of my post is to say that just because Beckett doesn't list it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
I know what card you are talking about. If the seller can provide the serial # that comes with the card and if the sticker is the same as the others you currently own its legit. I know the auto itself is legit just cant guarantee its a buyback without the serial number and being able to see the sticker.

Btw Id love to check out your collection.
The card was on Ebay, but has been taken down for some reason... interesting. The link is below, but the cert picture is gone, however the pic of the card is still there... serial 7/9.

My collection is public and listed under the Dan Marino folder, collection 2-D Marino. There are several others for the graded cards and the want list, but the ones I currently have are in that collection. Over 2200 strong and plugging away.

Thanks to all that are willing to help, it's always appreciated.

PS - The registry set is #2, under my ebay / psa name : eldogofasticus.
I would say that beckett just doesnt have it in their database. I have a buyback auto of troy aikman from 2000 sp authentic and its numbered to 67 which isnt listed either. But I got it straight from upper deck and have the coa that came along with it so I know its real.
I'm sure it's real, my only concern is whether it's from 1999 or 2003 because if it's from 2003 it doesn't qualify for the set. My gut tells me 99, but I'm going to mail the seller and see if I can get a pic of the coa... that should likely settle it.
(05-20-2013 04:58 PM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]If the seller can provide the serial # that comes with the card and if the sticker is the same as the others you currently own its legit.

^ that is the best solution. The sticker number should be in the same range.


Beckett has left off 2 of Brunell's buybacks, but the serial # was key in IDing what set it was originally meant to be.

It is also possible that it was not inserted in packs originally and ended up in the secondary market afterwards. Brunell had one case like this (also from 1993 SP) and it entered the marketplace as a "bonus" card to collectors that had been waiting a long time for their original redemption auto.
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