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Full Version: Mike Trout Auto
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hello all. up for trade i have is a Mike Trout 2010 Bowman Plat auto of his.
feel like i had him long enough, and wanna see what else is out there.
now i am going to be picky about this card. looking for at least 1/1 or maybe 2-3 cards in trade.
Harper, Taveras, Darvish, move to the top. please feel free to send me ur offers or i can look to see what u have. mainly looking for autos in return.
i do also have other Trouts for trade. so feel free to add those if u like. thanks again!!
[Image: 001_zpsc704885f.jpg]
[Image: Scan0068_zps74043627.jpg]
[Image: Scan0067_zps63f6a0a7.jpg]
I can use that Harper Auto
yeah sorry, that one is gone. only one left in the above photo is the Trout. thanks
so the montero is gone Sad
You do have some awful sick Trouts. But I gots nada for them.
anything on here athat you would do for a trout auto or harper trade in your fav. Thanks
(05-18-2013 11:58 AM)friedmana27 Wrote: [ -> ]so the montero is gone Sad

yeah sorry man, Monty is gone. traded it last week. thanks
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