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Title pretty much says it all. Looking to pick up the base and gold parallel of 2013 Bowman Manny Machado. I've got a bunch of base/chrome/inserts from 2013 Bowman FT to get these two.

Only scanning the inserts/refractors here. Also have a gold Josh Willingham (Twins) that isn't in the scan.

[Image: 2013_0001_zpsa2419159.jpg]
[Image: 2013_0002_zpsac4faf0b.jpg]
Hi -I have a silver ice if you are interested
I might have both. Let me check. I'll let you know here in a bit
I appreciate the offer but I've already got that one. I'm not going after any of the AU cards or the 1/1 cards and just need the base and gold at this point.

Thanks anyway!
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