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I just hit the 650 different card mark in my PC of Matt Holliday. I still am looking for more. I still need a bunch of low-mid end cards so if you have any let me know and hopefully we can work out a trade
Anyone out there want to make a trade??
Check me
I've only got about 5 or so for trade, but who knows maybe its one you need.
Nate and Rmpaq i checked both of your org files and im good i dont need any of those but thank you for asking
How about this.

[Image: 20130516_154140_zps3369afd1.jpg]
Thats a really sweet card Neifert what are you looking to get for it??
So how about it guys and gals anyone still want to do some trading??
Up to 665 and counting anyone have anything for me to check???
Trying to reach the 700 mark anyone got an org i can check i will do all the leg work just let me know if you have any.... Thanks
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