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First off - I am not sure why, but Photobucket makes the autograph on a few of these cards look fuzzy. It's something that's happening when I resize the image, but please know that the Moore Ginter, Strasburg Bowman, and Gausman Leaf autos look perfect in person.

Looking to trade for stuff that catches my eye. Some guys I am looking for are Rendon, Lindor, Taillon, Harper, other top prospects and star autos. This thread is not intended as a sale thread, but I have assigned approximate values to the cards just so you know what value I have on each card. If interested in buying something, please PM me.

All cards should be marked as FT in my org except for the Moore, which Beckett apparently doesn't acknowledge, so PM me if you like it.

2012 Allen & Ginter Autographs Codebreaker Matt Moore 1/1 - $225
[Image: MooreGinterCodebreakerAU_zps57bf7691.jpg]

2012 Panino National Treasures Treasure Signature Materials Prime Button Matt Moore #/6 - $125
[Image: MooreNTButtonAU_zpsed6bbba4.jpg]

2012 Allen & Ginter N43 Relics Matt Moore #/25 - $25
[Image: MooreN43Relic_zps19d0109b.jpg]

2010 Bowman Prospects Blue Stephen Strasburg AU #/250 - $225
[Image: StrasburgBowmanBlueAU-Copy_zps9829057c.jpg]

2010 Bowman Chrome USA Baseball Gold Refractors Gerrit Cole #/50 BGS 9 - $75
[Image: Cole2010BCUSAGoldRef_zpse78e612d.jpg]

2010 Allen & Ginter N43 AUtographs Tommy Hanson #/15 - $30
[Image: HansonN43AU2.jpg]

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Draft Day Autos Kevin Gausman #/4 BGS 9.5/10 - $150 (only 9.5 in existence)
[Image: GausmanLeafUltDDBGS95_zps88526828.jpg]

PLMK what you like and what you have. THANKS

pretty sweet looking Stras and Cole!! thanks
Appreciate it!
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