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looking to add to pc, lmk thanks
i have a cabby nothing great but its gu
I have a Miggy Cabrera '11 Topps Commemorative Throwback Patch 1961 Detroit Tigers BV $15
in the next few days i will have the following 2009 upper deck spectrum swatch blue no BV listed
sorry pujols
i have some. but i think at the time i couldnt find anything. unless u added some more. thanks
i have some...
Ok now that I'm doing it correctly I've posted the Cabrera '11 Topps Commemorative Patch, pic will be up shortly. You have anything in my sig?
i have the pujols blue upper deck spectrum swatch from 09
anybody today?
I have a 2012 sp pujols and Cabrera auto along with3 other players. Picked it up from Derek and have a buddy who wants it but figured I'd shop it first.
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