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[quote='bgt masters of tikid' pid='2283426' dateline='1368565689']


2010-2011 ITG duel auto Mattingly n Gary Sanchez 1of1
2011 topps triple threads Justin Upton auto/fabric 16/18
2008 baseball heroes Hanley Ramirez auto/fabric 9/10
2006 bowman sotf Troy Tulowitzki auto
2008 topps triumvirate Troy Tulo auto/fabric 65/99
2012 topps 5star Eric Hosmer auto 19/25
2012 bowman Jose Fernandez auto 80/250
2010 panini Christian Yelich auto 637/815
2012 bowman chrome Carlos Correa pg auto 188/235
2002 topps Alex Rodriguez auto
Looking 4 prospects.... Let's
I don't think any of those were in your org, however the only one I'd consider around the same range as the card you want would be the Arod but not interested in his stuff. Sorry.
price on Sano and Oscar T?
Joe Mauer Museum Collection Triple Prime Patch Auto is gone. Anyone else?
Does a 2013 Topps Heritage Real One Bob Gibson Auto interest you? I just pulled it today and believe it or not I am more of a set/parallel collector than autograph
(05-15-2013 08:43 PM)mikecala98 Wrote: [ -> ]price on Sano and Oscar T?

?????????????????Think I'm blocked.
Possibly got a scan of it and what would you need for it
Perry/McCovey/Marichal/Irvin Quad Auto is gone, anyone else tonight, headed to the PO in the morning.
Oscar Taveras BC Auto; Demaryius Cont Auto and the Middlebrooks Ref Auto have been traded.
I have a '12 A&G Nolan Ryan red auto if your interested. I like the Jordan auto and the A&G Musial. Thanks
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